WPFP State Partner Blogs and Opinion Pieces

To Lift Kids from Poverty, Boost Their Moms

The Michigan League for Public Policy calls on the state to assist low-income working moms by increasing the state’s EITC. Read more »

To the Maryland Legislature Regarding Community College Transfer

The California College Campaign gave Maryland lawmakers input into the importance of easing community college student transfers to four year schools. Read more »

Hard Work Fails to Pay Off for North Carolina’s Workers

The North Carolina Justice Center noted the growth in poverty-level jobs and the need for state investments to increase skills of low-wage workers. Read more »

Budget Cuts Threaten Kentucky’s Ability to Sustain and Grow Progress in Adult Education

The Kentucky Center for Economic Policy shows the impact proposed cuts to adult education will have on low-skill adults. Read more »

Diverting Lottery Revenues Makes College Less Affordable For Those Who Need It Most

The Kentucky Center for Economic Policy criticized proposals to divert lottery money designed for need-based financial aid to fill budget holes. Read more »

Share of Single Mothers Who Work But are Low-Income is on the Rise

The North Carolina Budget Center noted the share of single mothers who work that are low-income is on the rise. Read more »

State Policies Are Failing Maine’s Working Moms

The Maine Center for Economic Policy identified how state policies are failing low-income working moms. Read more »