WPFP State Partner Blogs and Opinion Pieces

Starbucks’ Venti Plan to Advance Educational Opportunities

Starbucks made headlines with its announcement that it will provide free college tuition for all its employees through a partnership with Arizona State University’s online program. Read more »

Georgia College Graduates Start Life with Big Debt Burden

Student loan debt in Georgia is a growing burden for its college students, but state policymakers are not taking steps to slow the worrisome trend. Read more »

Poor Families Facing Cuts to Child-care Program

Fewer working families will be eligible for child-care subsidies, if proposals in both the NC state House and Senate budget to change the income thresholds of participating families are adopted. Read more »

Success from the Session: Higher Ed and Student Success

Post-secondary education will be more accessible, affordable and focused on student success for Colorado families this year, thanks to two bills signed into law recently by Gov. John Hickenlooper. Read more »

Success from the Session: State Funds for Adult Education

House Bill 14-1085, the “Adult Education and Literacy Act of 2014,” signed by Gov. John Hickenlooper today, makes history by providing $960,000 in state-appropriated funding for Colorado’s programs that serve low-literacy, low-skill, low-income adults. Read more »

New Mexico is Funding Higher Education Way Below Pre-Recession Levels

Students in New Mexico and across the country are now facing bigger hurdles than ever when it comes to financing their college educations. Read more »

Poverty Jobs on the Rise in Indiana

As of 2011, Indiana had a higher percent of jobs in occupations with poverty-level wages than all neighboring states, the Midwestern average and the U.S. average, and that job growth was largely concentrated in low-wage work. Read more »