WPFP State Partner Blogs and Opinion Pieces

Increasing Accountability of For-Profit Colleges

In recent years, there has been a lot of debate over the value and role of for-profit colleges. Read more »

Back to college — But What If You’re Older?

Before the month is over, more than 755,000 Michigan residents will begin classes at a public university or community college and many will get financial aid. Read more »

Inequality in Indy – A Rising Problem With Ready Solutions

Wage inequality grew twice as rapidly in the Indianapolis metro area as in the rest of the nation since the recession. Read more »

Keep Working Families Top of Mind for Georgia’s Future

During Georgia’s slow recovery, mid-wage jobs aren’t making a comeback. Read more »

Kentucky Should Get Involved In Debate About New College Affordability Strategies

Given Kentucky’s growing college affordability challenges, the state should get involved in this conversation while keeping in mind the specific shortcomings of particular ideas. Read more »

Starbucks’ Venti Plan to Advance Educational Opportunities

Starbucks made headlines with its announcement that it will provide free college tuition for all its employees through a partnership with Arizona State University’s online program. Read more »

Georgia College Graduates Start Life with Big Debt Burden

Student loan debt in Georgia is a growing burden for its college students, but state policymakers are not taking steps to slow the worrisome trend. Read more »