WPFP State Commentary

Working Poor Families Project – Strengthening Early Childhood Education

The Bell Center highlights upcoming efforts in Colorado to improve compensation, recruitment, and retention for the early childhood care and education workforce. By Natalie O’Donnell Wood. July 7, 2017. Read more »

Knock Down Barriers Between Georgia Students and College Graduation

Georgia Center for Budget and Policy Priorities promotes increasing graduation rates through academic support, active advising and financial aid. By Jennifer Lee. May 31, 2017. Read more »

Maine lawmakers need to protect student loan borrowers

The Maine Center for Economic Policy highlights several questionable practices by student loan companies that affect borrowers in Maine. By Jody Harris. June 23, 2017. Read more »

Apprenticeship programs show promise as strategy for creating jobs, report finds

The North Carolina Justice Center makes the case for apprenticeship programs as an excellent strategy for creating jobs and growing incomes. July 17, 2017. Read more »

Indiana’s employers say they need increased skills, wages, & benefits to grow workforce

The Indiana Institute for Working Families reports that state employers have difficulty hiring skilled workers, and that increasing numbers of job applicants turn down low-wage jobs. By Andrew Bradley. July 18, 2017 Read more »

$15 an hour minimum wage would give 1.8 million Ohioans a raise

Policy Matters examines the impact of a minimum wage increase on families in Ohio. By Michael Shields. July 20, 2017. Read more »

Care4Kids Slots Continue to Decrease

The Connecticut Association for Human Services describes the worsening crisis in child care, as over 6000 slots were lost in nine months statewide. By Gwendolyn Pastor. June 19, 2017. Read more »