WPFP State Commentary

Let’s Mark Equal Pay Day For All

Women Employed highlights that Latina women face a wage gap of 46 compared to white men, further highlighting the importance of the state’s No Salary History bill. Read more »

October 1 Marks Effective Date for Laws Impacting Maryland Workers

The Job Opportunities Task Force reviews important policy changes now in effect to reduce key barriers to employment for Marylanders, directly impacting working families. Read more »

Ohio college opportunity grant key to college affordability

Policy Matters Ohio weighs in on policy improvements that could strengthen the state’s only source of need-based financial aid for college. Read more »

Next Stop: SNAP and Changing Policies (podcast)

Chicago Jobs Council’s podcast, Getting to Work, focuses on changes to the SNAP program affecting up to 260,000 state residents. CJC’s efforts helped Illinois apply for the SNAP time limit waiver request, which was approved by the USDA. Read more »

All workers should be able to earn paid sick days

The Texas Center for Public Policy Priorities discusses the critical need for paid sick days and their involvement in the Work Strong Austin campaign. Read more »

Closing the Equity Gap for Black Males in Mississippi: A Blog Series

Mississippi’s Hope Policy Institute published a blog series examining the equity and economic security gaps for black males in Mississippi. Read more »

All Students Should Have Access to Alternative Math Pathways

This Campaign for College Opportunity blog post highlights the positive experience of students enrolling in college-level statistics, with remedial support as needed. Read more »