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Indicators and Data

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Framework of Indicators

More than 100 indicators are used in conducting the State Policy Assessment Reports. The indicators are used to identify current conditions and related state policies and programs in each of four areas:

  • The conditions of low-income working families;
  • Education and skills training available to working adults;
  • Employment opportunities for entry level and low-wage workers;
  • Conditions/employee benefits at existing jobs.

The indicators are three types of indicators: data-based, policy, and program performance. This range of indicators is useful in relating the current conditions of low-income working families with relevant state policies and programs.

Read about the WPFP Framework of Indicators (pdf)

Annual Data and Sources

Data for a select number of state indicators are available for download in .xls format. The indicators are taken from the federal government's American Community Survey (ACS), the Current Population Survey (CPS), and the Occupational Employment Survey (OES). (moreā€¦)

Latest WPFP Data