The Role of State Policy In Two Generation Strategies (2014)

(continued from Reports and Publications)

This policy academy was developed for the Working Poor Families Project by Meegan Dugan Bassett of Dugan Bassett Consulting.

1. Double-take: A Two Generation Approach to Poverty

  • The Research Basis for Two Generation Strategies – Chris King, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, University of Texas
  • Two Generation Implementation and Policy Issues – Jennifer Stedron, Ascend, The Aspen Institute

2. A State Policy Focus: WPFP’s Definition and Approach for 2 Gen Strategies

  • WPFP & 2 Gen Strategies
  • AECF & the States: Stimulating State Level Interest in 2 Gen Strategies – Sarah Griffen, Consultant

3. On the Ground: 2 Gen State Policy Initiatives 

  • Tony Lee – WA’s Career Readiness Project for TANF Parents
  • Melissa Johnson – GA’s Transitional Jobs Program for Noncustodial Fathers
  • Ruthie Liberman – MA’s Mobility Mentoring Goal Setting for Parents/Children
  • Liz Frazier – CT’s 2 Gen Expansion into Adult Basic Education System

4. Feedback Loop: Discussion of 2 Gen State Systems & Policy Ideas

5. Next Steps: Considering 2 Gen Strategies in Your State

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